Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pretty Exciting!

How do you like the new look? I thought the old colors were a little dark and depressing. The lime green seemed brightened things up a bit.
To start off my basketball team has one 2 games so far!!! (out of like 6). We have already beaten our record from last year of winning only one game. My soccer team also won their game. The score was 5-0 us. I managed to score a goal this game!! I am so proud of myself!! I rarley score goals because I am mostly a defense-ive person. I have started a baby blanket for my basketball coach that just recently had a baby!!! Here is the pattern (Ravelry link). I like how it is in the shape of a star and when made with bright colors is very kid friendly. The colors of the blanket I am making are purple, pink, blue, and white. (Progress picture coming soon)
I had a piano recitle on Sunday. I did really bad. I repeated this one part of the song 3 times instead of 2 and made some silly mistakes throughout it. The only thing that kept me from cying on the way home was that an older man came up to me and said that his grandson loved my song and that I did a very good job. When he said that I couldn't help but smile. Even though people may not realize it but comments like that can really make your day a whole lot better. If that person is reading this right now I would just like to say Thank You.!.
That is about all that has happened here. Nothing else really exciting has been happening.

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