Monday, April 6, 2009

Feeling a little Pessimistic

Well, today I am feeling a little pessimistic. So I decided to write some positive things that happened in my day today.
  1. Spring Break is over, and school has started up again. That means I have something productive to do. (besides crafting in front of the computer)
  2. I got to show off my new haircut to everyone (sorry, no pic, mom's rule)
  3. I got to show off my new knitted shrug (that I made) and my new beret ( I also made, pics comming soon).
  4. I finally had someone to talk to. (Everyone went away to mexico ect.)
  5. Lastly, my friend got me a scarf from London when she went there last week (YAY!!)

I should be studying for my 56 WORD VOCAB TEST (WITH SPELLING) for Spanish. (I can't believe my teacher expects us to memorize 56 words and their spelling for tomarrow! I don't even know what's on the test. I know I have to memorize the 56 vocab words, but what about the 20 or so phrases? Screw that, I am just gonna study the vocab words, what can she expect from us anyways? On the bright side, I was able to get a lot crafting done over break, I probably knitted and crocheted like 3 miles of yarn over Spring break. (Pictures next time, I am too, lazy and tired to take any right now.). Of coarse, it has to snow like 10 inches this morning!!! For god's sake, it's April, the snowy weather is over!!! Please, at least grant us with a snow day, if it's gonna snow!!! I'll post some pictures of my FOs in the next couple of days.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cute Beret on the Way

I thought you might enjoy some pictures today!
I finished my first Beret!!! I Love it!! Both of these are close up shots and the last one is of the whole project!!!

This picture below is of my whole beret!!

I LOVE it!! Here's the pattern if anyone is interested!

I also finished my Ribbed lace Bolero! It was on my needles for like six months, but I finially got it done! Here a pic!

I co another one, it cream!! I will hopfully have it done by the end of April!!