Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School started...

Hey everyone!! Sorry about not posting in 2 months!!! I've been super busy with school starting, cross country, and other stuff. I have some GREAT news!!! I made Varsity Cross Country!! :D :D :D :D!! I am sooo happy!! We have our first meet on Saturday, and i am super scared. School started about 2 weeks ago, and it's better then i expected. I thought going to a new (bigger) school would be hard and confusing, but it really isn't that bad!! I actually like it a lot better then my old school! I haven't been able to get any crafting done, because i've been so busy. But on my trip to montreal this summer i did finish my first sock!!!!

I am so proud of it!! It was easier then i thought and it went by really quickly!! I went the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair in July, it was awesome!! I bought some sock yarn and died my own in a class! (Pictures coming soon.) I also just finished cleaning my closet, because it got REALLY disorganized over the summer. That's it for now!!