Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More projects Finished!!

I just finished crocheting a scarf and 2 hats. I am planing to give them away for Christmas presents. I also made a baby hat for my neighboors 1 year old birthday party. I really like it and it took me less than a day to make it!! The scarf I made used some really fluffy bulky yarn and ened up being about 5 feet long and 1 foot wide. That took me 2 days to crochet. I will post pictures of all of my finished projects at the end of my summer vacation.
Today I trimmed my guinea pig's nails. It was not fun. She would run away when she felt the pressure of the nail clippers pushing on her nail. The only way I got her to keep still was by letting her eat a carrot while i clipped her nails. It took me about an our to clip them!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I am back from California

Sorry I haven't posted in over a month.... it is just I have been so busy with vacations and camps that I have had no time to blog!!! Well to start off California was a lot of fun!!! My family and I went to the beach everyday!! I got really babdly sunburned. I collected a TON of sea glass. In all of these different colors!!! We saw dolphins swimming in the ocean one morning!! It was awesome!! The airplane rides went really smothly. We did have some turbulence both ways but we were expecting that. My uncle and I went to a dog beach!! We let the thier 2 dogs off the lead and they ran right twords the water!! I have some pictures....

I made 2 more of those purses from my happy hooker crochet book. I also made the fit to be tied from thier too. I made a hat that has a huge flower on the side too!!! I also made a baby hat for a party that I am going to next week. I have made a lot of things this summer!!! It sounds like alot more when you write them alll down!!!!
I also went to this camp at our local zoo!!! It was so much fun!!! The main topic was conservation! So we learned about how to help the enviornment and what not!!! I also learned that our zoo got a recomendation to breed our snow leopards and lions!!! I am so excited!!!
Thanks for reading!!!