Friday, September 12, 2008


I am happy to say that I finished my first pair of mittens!!! I decided to make them once I noticied that it was starting to get a little could outside, and my hands started to get could while waiting for the bus to come. I got the pattern out of one of my mom's old knitting magazines. It is dated 1989!!!! It is a simple pair of mittens with a cable going down the middle and garter stitch in the backround. What really subprised me was how they fit me really well!!! Here are some pictures of them....

Sorry about the backrounds. I couldn't think of anywhere else to photgraph them. I really liked the yarn I used. It was a wool/cotton blend and is very warm and cozy!! I donn't know if you can tell but the yarn is green and brown colored.

Nothing else really happend. I started school about 2 weeks ago, I like all of my teachers. They seem really nice. I was planning on posting pictures of all of my projects I finished over the summer, but I don't have time to take pictures of all of them and post them. I might do it over Christmas break.

I am thinking about making a shrug for my next project and I think this one might be a good one to try... I think how it is open and seems to have a nice fit. It look fairly easy to knit. I found it on Ravelry.

Talk to ya later!!!!

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Kate said...

really cute mittens!! Love the color