Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spring-- er Summer Cleaning!

At the beginning of the summer my crafting mojo started to kick in again, so i went down to my craft table and found this.

Now I'm debating with myself. "Should I clean this? I mean it's not that bad." Then my mind started to kick in and said, " Actually, it is that bad." Then i said, "Yeah I am going to clean this." And i did!!! After a couple of hours i see some improvement!!!Almost Done!!!!!


Now i can craft with a peace of mind!!! The clutter was pretty bad now that i look at the pictures, so i'm so glad i cleaned it!!!

Have a Nice Day!!!



Samsara said...

Great job! Sometimes you get so wrapped up in crafting that you don't see the mess you're creating *lol*

Thea said...

Looks familiar. Actually, my parents' house has that same wooden chair... I can totally relate to the mess. Your space looks great now!

VictoriaG said... doesn't that feel better? :-) I do the same thing...think it's not so bad...but when it's clean, it's such a totally great feeling!
~Nonaofsav on Rav

Anna said...

Haha. I just happened on your blog following links. This looks like my studio right now. I keep trying to clean and organize, and then I leave projects on the tables and chairs, fabric scraps everywhere, and my cat likes to pull all of the pins out of my pin cushions. Every time I start something new - which is pretty much every day - I have to try to clean enough space to work in. And I moved in to a house with an extra room just so I could have a studio! Good luck and happy crafting!