Friday, December 12, 2008

Chatter about What's New

Sorry for the long delay in posting, I have been REALLY busy with projects!! My s.S. teacher assigned 2 projects that were due today, not to mention a thesis paper and a Spanish project.
Well I joined our school's new Eco-club!!!! It is totally awesome!! Their are about 20 kids in the club and what we do is each week we try do something that recycles reuses..etc. Well this week we collected old crayons, peeled them, separated them by color and then donated them to a company that makes into crayons for the differently-abled. We are also making our own dirt. We got some worms and every week we add some leftover food into the box of worms. We have already gotten a ton!!!
Unfortunately basketball ended last week. We lost our last game, but we earned second in our division!!! Now only if I could find my jersey and turn it in....
I have had no time to knit or crochet so I have nothing to show off today.

See ya next time!!

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