Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guinea Pig Adventures!!

Did I ever tell you I have a guinea pig? Well I do and her name is Nutmeg. Yesturday Spring had finally arived and we had a little adventure outside. I took many pictures!!!

She's like "what ya lookin at?" :)

She's sniffing our magnolia tree. She really likes the shade, as you can tell be this next picture.

She was acting crazy when I took this picture!! She was trying to eat something..... I think.

Running around, enjoying the fresh air, eating the grass.

After I put her back in her cage I ate some lunch, and went back down to make sure she had enough to eat. When I looked in her little housey, she was fast asleep!! I mean ASLEEP! She didn't even wake up when I accidently bumped the cage! I guess this adventure was a lot of fun and energy-consuming!!! I got to go and start my homework!!!! Till next time...


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